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Session Times

MONDAY19:00Realbridge - see coming events for the link each week
TUESDAY13.00 (now "permanent")17.00Central (Figtree)
 18:30Supervised play. Beginners lessons (Figtree) start at 18:30 before supervised play and are usually on each week. Partner not needed
WEDNESDAY 09:30Central (Figtree). Every effort is made to provide a partner.
 1:00 pmNorthern (Thirroul) - trial beginning 31 August - partner required
THURSDAY09:3012:00TAMS - Supervised play and beginners lessons (Figtree). Partner not needed.
 19:00Central (Figtree).
FRIDAY13:00 Northern (Thirroul) - partner required.
SATURDAY13:30Central (Figtree). Every effort is made to provide a partner

Please be seated for each session 10 minutes before commencement. See the director if you haven't got a partner for specified sessions.